Online Booking

Welcome to our online booking system where you can choose the lesson(s) and plans you require.  All classes and plans are subject to a one month pre-paid notice period applied on set up.  If you are not totally sure which class is right for you please contact us and we will be only too pleased to help you.  If however you know the classes you would like then please choose below.   

Non-Major Classes 

1 class per wk

2 classes per wk

3 classes per wk

4 classes per wk

5 classes per wk

6 classes per wk

(GRADES only)

£20 monthly

£35 monthly

£45 monthly

£52.50 monthly

£57.50 monthly

£65 monthly

Major Classes 

1 class per wk

2 classes per wk

3 classes per wk

4 classes per wk

(Inter F and above)

£25 monthly

£50 monthly

£75 monthly

£100 monthly

Tip Tap Toe - triple genre bubbles

2-3yrs (1hr) Ballet, Song, Tap

3-5yrs (1¼hrs) Ballet, Modern, Tap

6-7yrs (1½hrs) Ballet, Modern, Tap

(2-7 yrs)

£20 monthly

£25 monthly

£35 monthly

Babies / Pre-Primary

Ballet only

£15 monthly

The Scholar Scheme

This is a scheme devised to enhance your child’s training, gaining experience in numerous genres without the associated cost of many different classes. There are 3 types of 'Scholar' scheme available:

Full Scholar

Mid Scholar

Mini Scholar

Unlimited classes including all major classes - inter f and above. Double grades included.

Unlimited classes, including up to 2 major classes. Option to add majors / double grade.

Unlimited classes (no major classes). 

£105 monthly

£80 monthly

£62.50 monthly

Added value for scholars - there is also 10% shop discount. To sign up to any classes please make your selection below. Once you have selected you will be able to register for individual classes online via the Book Online page.

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