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AAX On Demand syllabus videos allow the students and pupils to take control of their own learning. They can learn at a pace that suits them, easily understand and work on the their technique and knowledge, with access to the videos any time and place and can immediately put their learning into practice.

You can have Miss Axford coaching you in your lounge, in your breaks at school, in the car on the way to class, revise tips on route to a break away, and even whilst away if you are really keen to move at a pace!!

So if you missed a lesson, or never quite grasped a section of the turning sequence or there is a chunk of the dance you don’t understand – you can sort it with us in the palm of your hands!  Move onwards and upwards at a pace that'r right for you by gaining greater understanding of your syllabus work between classes giving you the opportunity to move swiftly through the grades at your choosing.

It may be that you have just started the a new grade work and would like to get to grips with the bare bones of the syllabus to add extra polish and style that is always given in every lesson to those who know the work.  Now is your chase to move up that ladder of knowledge.  A completely unique opportunity available only at our school – make the most of it!  I wish I had this library of work when I was younger and learning all the syllabi!  Such a useful tool for knowledge!

inter mod frog contractions.PNG
jazz - cliff.PNG
primary tap crouch on floor.PNG
inter tap - smile over my shoulder.PNG
adv 1 tap susi q.PNG
  • Click on the above link to our shop. 

  • Use the filter on the left hand side of  your screen and choose the grade you require

  • Be sure to make sure you are selecting your chosen genre (Modern, Tap or Jazz)

  • Choose which specific video you need - check in the description if you are not sure

  • Be sure to take off the postage - as this is a digital link to access, so no postage needed!

  • Have fun learning/revising the work and play it as many times as you like!!

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