Class Timetable

Studio 1

Studio 2

MONDAY - Studio 1

3.45pm PRIVATE

4.30pm Intermediate Foundation RAD Ballet

5.15pm Advanced 1 RAD Ballet/PRIVATE

6.00pm Intermediate RAD Ballet

6.45pm Advanced Foundation RAD Ballet

7.45pm MID Ballet BOOST (Grade guide 4-6)

8.15pm Grade 6 RAD Ballet

9.00pm PRIVATE

MONDAY - Studio 2

3.30pm PRIVATE

4.00pm Bronze Jazz

4.30pm Grade 6 Modern

5.15pm Grade 6 Tap

6.00pm Bronze Tap

6.30pm Grade 4 Tap

7.15pm PRIVATE/Silver Tap

7.45pm Advanced 2 Tap

8.30pm Advanced 2 Modern

9.15pm Finish

TUESDAY  - Studio 1

3.45pm PRIVATE

4.00pm Grade 1 Tap

4.30pm Intermediate Foundation Modern

5.30pm Intermediate Modern

6.30pm Intermediate Tap

7.30pm Advanced 1 Modern

8.30pm Advanced 1 Tap

9.15pm Finish

TUESDAY  - Studio 2

3.45pm PRIVATE

4.00pm TIP TAP TOE (4-5 yrs) PP Ballet, PP Mod, PP Tap

5.15pm Mini Musical Theatre (5-8 yrs)

5.45pm Mini Commercial (5-8yrs)

6.15pm Mini Acro (6-8 yrs)

6.45pm MID - Red Acrobatics (9-12 yrs)

7.30pm MID Musical Theatre (9-12 yrs)

8.00pm Adult Tap

8.45-9.15pm Senior Musical Theatre (12 yrs +)

WEDNESDAY - Studio 1

10.00am TIP TAP TOE (2-3ys) - Ballet, Song, Tap

11.00-11.45am Adult Body Conditioning


4.00pm Primary ISTD Ballet (TIP TAP TOE inclusive)

4.30pm Primary Modern (TIP TAP TOE inclusive)

5.00pm Primary Tap (TIP TAP TOE inclusive)

5.30pm Grade 1 ISTD Ballet

6.00pm Grade 1 Modern

6.30pm Grade 2 Modern

7.00pm SENIOR - Green Acro (12 yrs+)

7.30pm Audition Preparation Class (14yrs+)

8.00pm Lyra (10+)

8.45pm PRIVATE

WEDNESDAY - Studio 2

10.15am Adult ZUMBA

11.00am ZUMBINI (Parents and toddlers 1-4yrs)

11.45am Adult Ballet

4.00pm Grade 2 ISTD Ballet

4.30pm Grade 3 ISTD Ballet

5.15pm Grade 4 ISTD Ballet

6.00pm Intermediate Foundation ISTD Ballet

7.00pm Grade 5 ISTD Ballet

7.45pm Grade 6 ISTD Ballet 

8.30-9.15pm Intermediate ISTD Ballet

THURSDAY - Studio 1

4.15pm Intermediate Foundation RAD Ballet 

5.15pm Grade 7 RAD Ballet

6.00pm Intermediate RAD Ballet

6.45pm Grade 8 RAD Ballet

7.30pm Major Pointe Work BOOST (Inter-Adv 1)

8.00pm Advanced Foundation RAD Ballet

8.45-9.30pm Advanced 1 RAD Ballet/PRIVATE

THURSDAY - Studio 2

3.45pm PRIVATE

4.00pm Grade 2 Tap

4.45pm Gold Jazz

5.15pm Grade 3 Modern

6.00pm Grade 3 Tap

6.45pm Silver Jazz

7.15pm Grade 5 Modern 

8.00pm Grade 5 Tap

8.45-9.15pm Gold Tap

FRIDAY - Studio 2

3.45pm PRIVATE

4.15pm Mid Commercial (9-12yrs)

4.45pm Contemporary - Level 0 (9-12yrs)

5.15pm Junior Body Con & Stretch (7-12yrs)

5.45pm Grade 4 Modern

6.30pm Contemporary Inter Foundation - Level 1 (13+)

7.00pm Senior Body Conditioning & Stretch

7.45pm Senior Contemporary - Freework (13yrs+)

8.30-9.00pm Senior Commercial (13yrs+)

FRIDAY - Studio 1

4.30pm Intermediate ISTD Ballet

5.15pm Advanced 1 ISTD Ballet

6.00pm Intermediate Foundation ISTD Ballet

6.45pm Adult ZUMBA



Weekly Junior and Senior Groups coaching, festival work, private coaching, exam coaching and rehearsal studio bookings.



10.00am TIP TAP TOE (2-3 yrs) Baby Ballet, Song & Tap

11.00am TIP TAP TOE (4-5 yrs) PP Ballet, PP Mod, PP Tap


Alison Axford Theatre School, The Studios, Rear of 50-52 Winner Street, Paignton, Devon TQ3 3BQ

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