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Testimonials from students

Although I may have only been with you for a couple of years, your joy of dance made each lesson so special.  I will miss you Alison - "A dance teacher helps their teacher find the song in their heart, the beat in their feet and the a passion for life"

Olivia Wooldridge-Pearce

Alison, your caring and kind nature always shines through and definitely inspires your pupils to try their best and most importantly to have fun! You definitely helped me to gain so much confidence and to love dancing.  Your commitment and dedication is amazing! I always loved your lessons; filled with lots of hard work, leaps and laughter!  Thank you for everything over the years.  Definitely miss dancing so much!

Leanne Jackman

Alison thank you for helping with everything, you are one of the kindest teachers that has ever taught me.  You bought my confidence up in my dancing so much.  Your lessons were always such fun! I miss the studio and everyone there.  Thank you again xxx

Shannon Jackman

Alison and the dance school provided a sanctuary and a focus at a really bad time in my life. She is an amazing teacher and one of the kindest people around, who deserves all the sunshine and happiness there is.

Ailsa Money

From thinking that pursuing a career in performing arts was completely out of the question Alison did nothing but support me every step of the way.  You are in inspiration and i cant thank you enough

Katie Tripp

Alison's commitment, understanding and enthusiasm meant that someone who, at first glance may not look like a dancer, created a confident and successful tap dancer out of me.  Her talent as a dancer and expertise in her teaching allowed me to achieve the things she knew i was capable of.  Now a teacher myself, i would like to think i could aspire to be the dedicated teacher she is and inspire the pupils in the way that only she can in her unique Disney sprinkled style.

Victoria Pellant

Alison, I have the best memories from your lessons.  You are so inspiring and filled me with confidence.  You are an amazing lady who taught me so much and i cant thank you enough for that.  Still missing dancing everyday

Natalie Cook

Testimonials from PARents

I can't thank the teachers at this school enough !! Jo and Alison are great teachers. My little girl started here 3 years ago and has just turned 6 she absolutely loves the school and does every dance class possible!!!
The best thing about this school is no matter if your child is good or not so good they are all treated as equals and are all included and encouraged in the same way!!! .... Can't wait to watch my little girl grow up surrounded by other little girls and boys following their dreams and encouraged to never give up!! ( also some great role models from the older students too! ) very lucky to be a part of this school x

Fantastic dance school , wonderful teachers , very inclusive of all pupils no matter there ability . My little girl thoroughly enjoys all her dance classes with you.

I have 3 daughters, ages 3 - 8, dancing at Alison Axford Theatre School and they LOVE it. The school has a great ethos, the teachers are so dedicated, passionate & inclusive of absolutely every pupil. I can not recommend the school enough for both classwork & local festival involvement.

A fantastic dance school that encourages and nurtures a love of dance in every child who attends, especially quieter children who could be overlooked elsewhere. Great exam results, spectacular shows and brilliant festival dances as well as wonderful supportive teachers.

Both myself and my daughter dance at Alison's so we both spend quite a lot of time there, and it is a lovely school. The teachers truly love what they do and this inspires the children (and adults) to embrace their own passion for dance. I can't praise The Alison Axford Theatre School enough.

My daughter has been at Alison for a few years now and she also taught my sisters a good 10 years ago. The dance school is fab!! The teachers are passionate about the children and there is such a lovely group of dancers that attend. It's a great dance school.

My daughters have been dancing since they were both 2 and they are now 13 and 10. We moved to Alison's two years ago and it was the best decision as both girls have grown in confidence, technique and self belief. This is down to the wonderful teachers, the great atmosphere at the studio and the super parents and grandparents who are also involved. Plus we've had some amazing exam results too as pupils are only entered for exams when they're ready and not automatically every year. If you're looking for a dance school where everyone is part of a team and where the younger dancers look up to the older dancers and the older dancers love to pay attention to the younger dancers then look no further than Alison's!

Had an amazing trial week at the end of last term. My daughter can't wait to start the new term here in her new dance school. We were both made to feel so welcome

My daughter has been going to Alison's since she was 2 & 1/2 (Now nearly 8) and LOVES it! I would highly recommend Alison Axford.

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