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Performing in Paris 2019

“First Think,

Second Dream,

Third Believe,

And finally dare.”

Walt Disney

August 2019 – "Realising the dream."

39 excited AAX pupils and their families (over 100 people in total!) travelled together in the party carriage of the Eurostar to Disneyland Paris with one mission in their hearts and minds, to dance and perform their hearts out.

All had dedicated hours in the studio to prepare and rehearse ‘The Greatest Show’. Pupils from every single age, grade and genre of our classes joined together to create this amazing experience and performed a fantastic showcase right in the heart of Disneyland Paris.

What an experience it was, they left every ounce of love and passion for their dance and performing out there on the stage in front of an international audience at the Videopolis Theatre in ‘Tomorrowland’.

The response was amazing with outstanding feedback from the production team in Disney. Such unbelievable comments for our choreographers' and pupils' work, worth every second of their ovation.

What possibilities lie ahead? Watch this space!............

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