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Have access to your own video of MIss Axford teaching the Advanced 1 Tap Unset/Free Timesteps! * With pick up on one foot and/or pick up changes,  Change of Rhythm, SYncopated TImesteps, Change of time signature to 3/4 *.  If you have never learnt them - now is your chance!  Or if you know some of them - you can fill in the gaps and then gain more from the polishing side to the live lessons. x

*SHIPPING - Be sure to select 'Collect at studios' to avoid an automatic postage charge.*

**On notification of purchase you will be sent a link to access this video. You will need a gmail email account to access it on Google Drive**

The  sale of all videos are subject to condition of no sharing and/or copying of the material therein, whilst every effort has been made to prevent illegal downloads, persons who fail to comply will lose access immediately without any purchase refund on all or any videos previously purchased.

Advanced 1 Tap - 4 - Unset/Free Timesteps Video

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